Commit da02d6e8 authored by 야오지앙's avatar 야오지앙

Upload New File

parent b5e2cdb3
#pragma warning(disable:4996)
struct point {
int xpos;
int ypos;
struct point* getStruct(struct point*);
void output(struct point);
void print(const struct point* p);
int main()
struct point y = { 2,4 };
*getStruct(&y) = (struct point){ 1,2 };
struct point* getStruct(struct point* p)
scanf("%d", &p->xpos);
scanf("%d", &p->ypos);
printf("%d,%d\n", p->xpos, p->ypos);
return p;
void output(struct point p) {
printf("%d,%d\n", p.xpos, p.ypos);
void print(const struct point* p)
print("%d,%d", p->xpos, p->ypos);
\ No newline at end of file
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